Shuffleboard Court Stencil

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Add some fun to your school, senior care facility, park, or home with our Shuffleboard Court Stencil. This stencil template set comes in 5 convenient pieces that are easy to store. 

Just unroll, flatten in the sun, and place in position. Afterwards, use spray marking paint (found at your local hardware store) to mark each section. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! 

You can also use marking ink and a foam or neoprene roller. The durable 96 inch wide plastic sheet will keep the stencil securely in place and allows for any over-spray while painting (we recommend taping or weighting the edges if it's a windy day). Don't forget to use a cardboard box to contain the over-spray to keep things neat and tidy!

Use the 10 mil material if you are using a roller and the 60 mil material if you are spray painting.

Consider talking to your nearby paint or hardware store for suitable options, as some paints and stains can work well. The shuffleboard stencil ships in a sturdy carton, ready to use on any surface. Always practice on some cardboard before you apply to your pavement!