Animal Stencils

Create a farm animal, under-the-sea or dinosaur theme in your child’s bedroom. Dog Stencils & Cat stencils - we have a design for all your furry little friends so you can hand-paint pillows, stencil hanging wall art or stencil a doormat. From the smallest of bumblebees to the biggest of dinosaurs, we've got you covered!

Bring the beauty of the butterfly or the charm of the goldfinch into your home, simply paint on canvas or reclaimed wood for bespoke wall art. Go wild with our animal print stencils; painting a Leopard Print wallpaper or Cowhide Print wallpaper look - even more gorgeous and luxurious when hand-painted. Durable and reusable, use your favorite stencil for painting pillows or curtains today and another DIY project next season. Click here for How-to Stencil Tutorials.