Porch Signs

Make your house more welcoming with your own porch sign.  Our vertical porch signs make it easy for you to create your own unique porch sign.  Do not settle for a Porch sign that is not perfect for you.  Select your wood. use paint colors that match your style and make your porch unique with your very own porch leaner.

Many Outdoor Welcome Sign Designs:

We have a large range of vertical signs to suit a range of personalities and needs. 

• Halloween porch signs
• Fall porch signs
• Christmas Porch signs

All of our signs are available in 4 different sizes.  We keep adding to our vertical signs so keep checking on them.

If you have a particular need please use our Custom Stencil Request form.

Our Vertical Porch Stencils are made for Professionals:

We start with professional-grade 10 mil mylar and thin but tough material that is great for stenciling.  It is flexible, durable, and allows a very precise cut.  The stencil is washable and reusable as well.

Unlike cheap Amazon stencils, ours are one-piece. This is much easier to stencil and ensures that you have perfect spacing between your letters.  No worries and no fuss.

What are Porch Signs or Porch Leaners

Porch leaners are a simple way to project your personality to your neighbors. Traditionally hand made simple signs often made from repurposed wood that project a welcome, a sentiment, or some humor.  They are often vertical signs and are familiarly called "Leaners".  They are not always permanently nailed or hung so that they can be seasonal and changed. Just lean them next to your front door. The Fall is the most fun with leaners with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas being times when we generally add special decorations outside the home.

What size are vertical Porch signs?  

The best size is between 3 1/2 feet and 6 feet.  For a welcome sign a using 4 inch letters you need at least 36 inches and it is better to have some space at the top and bottom.   The larger your porch and the longer your distance from the porch to the road the larger the sign should be. 

The width of a vertical welcome sign should be at least 6 inches and 1.5 times the height of the letters whichever is greater.

What type of wood is used for Welcome Signs?

There is no correct answer.  This is a casual ice breaker not a work of art.  Try to put your personality and creativity into it. If you want a rustic look an aged piece of reclaimed wood 4 feet - 6 ft in length.  For a more formal look you can use a new piece of wood and you can even use a frame.   You can paint the wood or not depending upon how interesting the wood is.  If you have a nicely aged piece you gan go more rustic. If you have a new piece of wood we recommend painting it.  If you want rustic and have only new wood, use distressing techniques to make it look like it was a part of your grandparent's porch.   In the end, you can use any wood that reflects your personality.  

What words do you put on Porch Signs?

The most common word for porch signs is "WELCOME", but there is no limit to what people can put on the signs.  There are Inviting signs, Seasonal signs, and Holiday signs. Here is the list of our most favorite signs.

What are the most Inviting Porch Signs?

• Welcome
• Home
• Gather
• Grateful
• Blessed
• America
• Let Love GROW
• God Bless America
• Peace
• Luck of the Irish

 What are the Best Fall Signs?

• Fall
• Autumn
• Harvest
• Pumpkins

What the most popular Halloween signs?

• Trick or Treat
• Happy Halloween
• Witches

What are the Best Winter Signs?

• Let It Snow
• Santa Stops Here
• Believe
• Happy Holidays
• Feliz Navidad
• Merry Christmas

What are the most popular signs for Spring and Summer?

• Hello SPRING
• Sunshine
• Happy EASTER
• Bloom
• Let Love Grow
• SPRING is Here
• Baseball
• Flowers
• Luck of the IRISH

What are the Best Valentine's Day Signs?

• Love
• Be Mine

What are the Best Porch Summer signs?

• Summer
• Sweet SUMMER Time
• Happy 4th of JULY
• Let FREEDOM Ring