Blank Mylar by the Foot

Open up a whole world of creative art with Blank Mylar by the Foot.

You can use these materials for cutting your own stencils for DIY projects, labeling, marking surfaces, upcycling furniture or personalizing and monogramming anything!

This material has some of the best properties for making your own long-lasting stencils

You can cut yourself with our many stencil cutting tools like the Gyro-Cut Cutting Tool or the Electric Stencil Cutting Tool! It will conform to most surfaces and is both translucent and dimensionally stable. Get started today!

Blank Mylar by the Foot Product Highlights:
  • This extremely tough and hard to rip material
  • It is flexible so that it can be rolled and will conform to most curved surfaces.
  • It is dimensionally stable so that it does not stretch and will keep its shape.
  • It is translucent so that you can see contrast through it allowing perfect placement for stencils.
  • Resists paint adhering to it, so it's easy to clean.