Natural Sea Sponge

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Natural Sea Sponges

make great paint applicators for crafting, home decorating projects, and all other forms of arts. Made from natural ingredients, these sea sponges are soft to the touch - perfect for delicate surfaces or for creating faux finishes or textures on freshly painted walls. It also doesn't hurt that they're an environmentally friendly option! Pair this with a bottle of Americana Acrylic Craft Paint and you've got yourself a great tool that will last you through your next project.

Natural Sea Sponges are a novel way to create creative design textures for your craft projects.

Make printed fabrics paired with our fabric stencils and Americana Fabric Medium, or even a hand-painted marble cake stand, with natural sea sponges. Get creating today and let your imagination run wild!

Contains: one 5 inch sea sponge