Oak Lane Studio Photo Gallery

At Oak Lane Studio, we believe your home can and should be beautiful, no matter what your budget is. Most importantly, your home should reflect you and your own unique home décor style. With a stencil template you can hand paint a home that reflects you and has the personal touch of a handmade treasure. You don’t need to be an artist to hand paint your home, just a stencil template, some paint and a little creativity.

Our home décor stenciling photo gallery is a place to find DIY project ideas and inspiration to decorate your home just as you like it. You can stencil almost any surface in your home to add color, style and character. Here you can see a sample of what you can do with home décor stencil templates. 

Stencils are easy to use, reusable and budget friendly, and of course loads of fun. 

Whether you are decorating your first home, making over an old room, or trying to liven a dull one, stencil templates are the ideal DIY home decorating tool. 

You can stencil small projects, such as pillows, lampshades, home décor and porch signs or flower pots to create lovely and interesting décor accents. You can upcycle well loved furniture with stencils, or cover up scuffs and watermarks on antique wood. Wall and floor stenciling is actually much easier than you might think, and a beautiful way to add style to your home. You can even stencil on fabric, such as curtains, tablecloths, napkins, or upholstery. Stencil templates make DIY Ikea hacks and budget-friendly decorating easy and elegant. 

Stencil templates can also be used to add visual texture to your home décor. You can stencil a tile design onto a kitchen backsplash or around your fireplace, or stencil inside bookshelves to create a sense of depth. You can stencil designs on stairway risers, or create a beautiful wall scene in a baby’s room. 

Once you have an idea of what you want to stencil, we can show you how. You can find DIY How To Stencil tutorials on our DIY Stenciling Project Tutorials page, and home décor stenciling video tutorials in our Video Tutorials Gallery. In our Stenciling Blog you can find professional DIY stenciling tips and techniques and learn how to avoid common stenciling mistakes, such as paint bleed. 

We offer a wide array of stunning home décor stencil templates in various styles and sizes so that you can find the perfect stencil template for your DIY home décor project. (We also do custom stencils if you have a specific stencil template in mind). With stencil templates, you have endless opportunities to personalize your home décor. No two stenciled home décor projects are the same. The paint colors you choose, the intensity of color ranging from weathered (see our sandpaper weathering hack) and subtle to bright bursts of color make each stenciled home décor project unique. 

Please share your DIY home décor stenciling projects with us on Pinterest and Facebook, we love to see stencils in action!