Moroccan Traditional Tin Tile Wall Stencil

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Accent your walls, floors, tiles or ceilings with our DIY Moroccan wall stencil. Transform furniture into beautiful unique pieces. Try using this stencil on duvets, as a pillow stencil or as a lampshade stencil to create stunning accent pieces. Browse more stencil designs from our Modern & Geometric and Moroccan stencil collections!

Stencil Sizes

Small 18.3" x 18.3" design / 19.5" x 19.5" sheet
Medium 36.75" x 36.75" design / 40" x 40" sheet

Large 36.75" x 73.7" design / 40" x 78" sheet

Try these single tile sizes to paint over existing tiles:
Single 4" Tile: 3.95" x 3.95" design /6" x 6" sheet (will fit within a 4 x 4 tile)
Single 6" Tile: 5.95" x 5.95" design /8" x 8" sheet (will fit within a 6 x 6 tile)

Single 8" Tile: 7.95" x 7.95" design /10" x 10" sheet (will fit within a 8 x 8 tile)
Single 12" Tile: 11.95" x11.95" design /14" x 14" sheet (will fit within a 12 x 12 tile)

Quickly cover large areas with our Medium and Large wall stencil sizes which repeat the artwork pattern of our Small stencil sizes 4 & 8 times. Preferred by professional designers for hand-painting designs on walls and floors. See how much easier & faster it is to stencil these large spaces!

Layer(s): Single Layer Repeating Allover Design. Perfect for use as Wall StencilsFloor Stencils or Tile Stencils.

Custom Size Stencils

If your project would be even easier with a Custom size, please contact us. We’ll do everything we can to help you with your project!

Professional Quality Stencils

• Laser cut for precise, crisp design details.
• Reusable & Durable.
• Made of 10 mil coated mylar which resists paint build-up.
• Easy to clean (see How to Clean Stencils).
• Made in the USA

    Stenciling Tools

    Make your project even easier with the proper Stenciling Tools:

    • Repositionable Adhesive Spray for adhering stencils to any surface.
    • High-density Foam Rollers for applying just the right amount of paint.
    • Frog Tape painter's tape for masking off the edges of stencil sheet.
    • Stencil Brushes for painting finer details and dabbing paint into corners.

      How To Stencil

      You do not have to be a professional artist to stencil! Simply follow our How To Stencil steps or How to Stencil Video Tutorials.