Moroccan Stencils

Moroccan design is lush, deeply layered & romantic. Inspired by breathtaking designs found throughout the cobbled streets of Marrakesh; weave this luxurious, Moroccan decor into your home with our Moroccan Wall Stencils & Moroccan Tile Stencils.

Create Moroccan decor with hand-painted furniture or stenciled walls. Gorgeous as a bathroom wall stencil or kitchen backsplash tile stencil. Reusable, our wall stencils are great as floor tile stencils; so you can transform a concrete basement floor or old kitchen linoleum or tile floor into a lovely work of art! Great for DIY projects, hand-paint beautiful accessories from stenciled pillows to stenciled lampshades, adding a splash of Moroccan flair to your decor. Explore our Bohemian Stencils to compliment your world-traveler decor. It is easy to create the look you want, just check out our how-to stencil instructions!