Design your own Custom Decorative Stencil

Use the online custom stencil designer to create your own custom stencil for any decorative or other use.

Custom Made The stencil designer tool is perfect decorative stencils allowing the creation of virtually any text stencil. The designer app is the fastest, cheapest and easiest way to get a custom stencil for any surface, walls, floors, fabrics, furniture, and virtually any surface. Letter sizes from 3/4 inch to 24 inches, and with material choices for any use.

Write in your desired text, greeting or saying choosing your favourite font from our range of decorative fonts and selecting the capital size of the letters. As you enter your text, font and font size, the designer will show you the total size of the layout. Check that the resulting text fits in the space where you want to then you are done.

Need a custom logo stencil or want help designing your stencil? Click Here to send us your requirements and our expert designers will do it for you. Have your own graphics or design already? Fill out this form and we will get an estimate back to you quickly.

See instructions and tips below

How to use the Custom Stencil Designer

  1. Add Text

    Type in the box provides and it will display in the design board as it will show on your stencil, Dimensions are also shown, Input as you want it to be seen with upper and lower case, spaces, punctuation, and line returns. We will use your spelling as it appears so be sure to check for errors. Many of our customers want things spelled in unusual ways.

  2. Select Font

    We have a large range of decorative fonts in sizes from ¾ inch to 24 inches. If you have a special font that you need please use our Request a custom stencil quote form.

  3. Letter height

    This represents the nominal height of the font and is measured from baseline to cap-height (bottom of the capital letter to the top of the capital letter). If you need smaller or larger sizes please use the Request a Custom Stencil Quote form

    Letter Height

  4. Check Dimensions

    As you select the letter height you will notice that the dimensions of your material and the text will change automatically. The total dimensions of the complete text are shown as well as the resultant size of the stencil (including the border). Make sure this fits where you want to use the stencil. Once your stencil is longer then 10 ft or wider than maximum material width, ( 71 inches for all materials except adhesive backed and 7 mil which is 50 inches.) We have to split the stencil into multiple pieces. The designer will not show you the stencil is split into pieces, and depending upon the situation, we might send a proof so that you can approve how we have laid out the stencil.

  5. Alignment

    Only necessary if there are more than one line of text.

  6. Choose your material

    All of our stencil material is the finest material. They all replicate the artwork well, are durable and give professional results, However different jobs require different materials. Here are our Quick Material Guide. (if you still have questions please email or call us)

    • 7 mil stencil material is our lightest and least expensive material great for single or few uses. Can be used on almost all surfaces.

    • 10 mil stencil material is the most common choice and is great for all indoor and vertical surface uses. It handles fine detail well, is easy-to-use, very tough, easily cleaned, and can be used many times.

    • Low-tack adhesive-backed material is great for spray applications and rounded surfaces. This material can be used multiple times, but it is not as long lasting as the other materials. This is also more expensive than the mylar stencils.

  7. Approval

    Review the final result. There are no returns on custom stencils for mistakes on your design.


    • Check spacing and punctuation.

    • CHECK DIMENSIONS. (NOTE: IF you have a stencil that requires EXACT dimensions please let us know, by adding a requires in the notes. There is a small amount of error in how the app sends artwork to our machines (no more the 5% in the dimensions), but we can provide EXACT dimensions if needed.


  8. Quantity

    • Choose the quantity of stencil copies that you need. We are really efficient and making copies and our prices are excellent.

    • Let us know if you want an email preview of the stencil prior to production. (The proof will look exactly like what is in the Design Board. However we can provide exact dimensions if that is important to you.

    • Provide any special instructions: Go ahead ask anything, need it delivered tomorrow or cancel, special dimensions, special effects, special material or even questions. We make it our business to figure out how to do what our customer’s need.

  9. How to use this stencil

    1. Please unroll and check this stencil as soon as it arrives. Please lay it flat and relax prior to use.

    2. Prep the area to be stenciled so that it can receive the paint or other media used. Clean and, if necessary, sand or prime depending upon media manufacturer’s instructions.

    3. Apply stencil in the proper location. If on a vertical surface use painters tape or our Stencil Ease Repositionable Spray to affix it.

    4. Apply paint or other media as required. Always apply minimal paint using a dry applicator method. Please see our instructions on the different techniques to do this.

    5. Let dry, inspect, and apply incremental light coats as needed.

    6. Carefully peel away stencil.

    7. Repeat as often as you desire.