Cut-Your-Own Stencil Kit

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This Cut-Your-Own Stencil Kit has everything you need to make your own stencil designs. Harness your creative side and design your own stencil. The cutting tool cuts through our 4 mil Blank Mylar sheets with ease. Remember, practice makes perfect! You can even protect your work surface by laying your stencil material on the Self-Healing Cutting Mat by Alvin.

Our Cut-Your-Own Stencil Kit includes: 
Item# THM812-000-0000 - 8.5 inch x 12 inch Self-Healing Cutting Mat 
Item# TGC1311-000-0000 - Gyro-Cut Cutting Tool 
Item# AMY040812-010-M004 - 4 mil Blank Mylar Sheets - 8.5 inch x 10.5 inch - 10 sheets total