Stage, Play and Theater Prop Stencils

Transform your School Play, Theater Production and Stage Prop Design with ease using these stencil templates. Stencils surpass hand-drawing in convenience and simplicity, allowing you to effortlessly add intricate details or create a stunning backdrop mural. These captivating designs will help you craft a captivating, magical or realistic set in a fraction of the time! Reusable, durable, and customizable with multiple color overlays, these stencils allow you to bring your artistic vision to life without the hassle of tracing and scaling up drawings. Be sure to check out our other collections such as City Skylines, Animal Stencils, DeeSigns Stencils, Jeff Raum Stencils, and Allover Wall stencils for wallpaper or backdrops.

Effortlessly bring your artistic vision to life with these easy-to-use stencil templates. Save time and energy by using stencils instead of hand-drawing, and create intricate details or stunning backdrops with ease. Plus, with multiple color overlays, you can customize and reuse these durable stencils to create a captivating, magical, or realistic set that will amaze your audience. With these stencils, transforming your school play, theater production, and stage prop design has never been easier!

CUSTOM SIZING AVAILABLE: If you need these designs in a different size you can always call us at 800-334-1776 and request and estimate for us to resize it to your specifications!