Custom Size for a Decorative Stencil

Found the perfect design but need it in a different size?

Oak Lane Studio is happy to assist.  We can take any of our stencil designs and scale them larger and usually we can scale the smaller to a degree.  

We do this on a request basis as our Stencil designers must modify the actual artwork.  

Simply fill out the below request form on our sister site STENCILEASE.COM  Include the specific name or  item code of the product you want us to modify.  Please also tell us the size you want to artwork to fit in.  We need the height or width  For example "adjust the width of the pattern for 13 inches wide to 17 inches wide " ( we will adjust the height to be proportionate.  or tell us the area of the size that you want the art to fit.  ( I have a 20 x 36 inch space and I want the pattern to fit that space. )  

Custom Stencil Request Form 

Once we have understood your requirements we will provide you an estimate of the total cost of the stencil. Once you have approved the estimate we will send you an exact proof of the design which you will approve before we cut the stencil. Total time to respond is fast and can be done in 2-3 days.  


What do you mean by scaling the stencil?

We can increase or decrease the size of the stencils but the proportions of the design stay the same.  If the height and width of the stencil are equal, when we make it larger the height and width will be larger but still equal.  All of our adjustments will be proportional. 

 Why are there limitations to reducing the size of the stencil? 

When we make the stencil smaller the cut outs and the bridges in the stencil are also reduced. There are limits as to how small we can make the bridges and the small cut outs.  In many of our decorative stencils while the stencils are large the individual feature sizes are already close to the limit. Reducing the size of the overall stencil will reduce the size of the smallest feature or break potentially to a point where the stencil is not viable.  Fixing it would basically require a redesign changing what you like about the stencil and incurring a lot of design tie and expense.