Allover Wallpaper Stencil Patterns

Our Decorative Allover stencils are perfect for many interior design projects. Hand-paint beautiful designs on virtually any surface. Use as wall stencilstile stencils, or floor stencils. Can even be used as lamp shade stencils or pillow stencils to add that finishing touch to your home decor.


Quickly cover large areas with our Medium and Large stencil sizes which repeat the artwork pattern of our small stencil sizes 4 & 8 times. Ideal for hand-painting designs on walls and floors. See how much easier & faster it is to stencil these large spaces!

Layer(s): Single Layer Repeating Allover Design for use as Wall Stencil, Tile Stencil or Floor Stencil.

Custom Size Stencils

If your project would be even easier with a custom size, please contact us. We’ll do everything we can to help you with your project!