Tile Stencils

Create your look using farm house stencils, vintage industrial, Mexican tile stencils, island chic stencils or bohemian tile stencils. Durable & reusable, our stencils can also be used to hand-paint bathroom tiles, kitchen backsplash, even a basement concrete floor!

A bold style can make that powder room pop, but sinking money into installing ceramic tile can be daunting. Create the look you want, simply by selecting one of our many stencil designs and painting with your favorite color.

Our stencils are reusable and easy to clean, so when you are done, just tuck them away to use again someday when you’re in the mood to change your color scheme. Our decorative Tile Stencils can also be used as Wall Stencils or Floor Stencils and easily paint over almost any surface such as ceramic tiles, linoleum tiles, vinyl tiles, cement floors, Patio tiles, and wood floors.

You can create gorgeous, custom, hand-painted tiles - Voila!