A Garden Delight Mural Wall Stencil

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Garden Delight Stencil by Leslie Ann Powers was designed to bring the outdoors in. Decorate a whole wall with a mural like the one shown (instructions are included with each stencil) or add just a touch of whimsy. Stencil a gathering basket by the door or a lively chipmunk on the baseboard. Coordinating borders are offered to carry the theme further throughout your home. Scaled to coordinate with all other mural stencils offered by Oak Lane. Best of all you'll never have to weed. The mural, as shown measures approximately 9 feet wide.

Features of Garden Delight Stencils:
Laser Cut on reusable, see-through 7 mil Stencil Matte
Triangle register marks for easy overlay and repeat position alignment
Color separated stencil sheets
Simple instructions for the stencil and the mural are included in each package.