A Room Makeover Guide for Scroll Bedroom Wall Stencils


1. Base-coat wall with. At Sea (pale blue). Let dry.

2. Using a yardstick level and pencil, lightly mark a vertical line where you will start stenciling. Start at the top center of the room’s focal wall and work outward toward the corners as you move around the room. Note: Purchase two stencils. Buy one to use on flat portions of the wall and the other for bending into corners.

3. Spray the back of the stencil sheet with adhesive. Line up registration holes on one side of stencil sheet with the vertical line. Press stencil against wall and pencil a mark through the top of each of the four registration holes (see photo A). These marks ensure proper alignment when repositioning the stencil for the next row of stenciling.

4. Pour Oceanic Teal (medium teal) paint onto a foam plate. Dampen a natural sea sponge with water and wring out excess. Wear rubber gloves and dip the sponge into the paint. Blot excess onto a paper towel. Lightly press the sponge over the stencil using a dabbing motion (see photo B). Experiment with the technique on a practice board before working on the wall.

5. Move the stencil over to the next position. Line up the registration holes on one side of stencil with the pencil marks from the previous stencil. Secure the stencil to the wall, make pencil marks through the opposite two holes and continue applying paint. Note: Be careful not to smudge the paint as you move the stencil. Wipe paint buildup from stencil sheet with a damp sponge. Continue working across the wall in vertical rows. Let paint dry overnight.