Victorian Baroque Wall Painting Stencil

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The Victorian Baroque Wall Painting Allover Stencil is a classic take on Victorian styled wallpaper used in many historical homes. Use it on just about anything. Walls, floors, wood, craft projects, fabric, pillows, lamp shades, duvets, rugs, tables, furniture and much more. The uses for this painting stencil are absolutely endless. Coordinate with our other Victorian Baroque stencil designs featuring a corner, spot motif, and border stencil.

Stencil Pattern Sizes:
1) 16.75 wide x 23" high sheet size = 15.6" wide x 15.7" high pattern size
2) 32 wide x 32" high sheet size = 29.4" wide x 29.5" high pattern size
3) 32 wide x 60" high sheet size = 29.4" wide x 57.2" high pattern size

Single Layer Repeating Allover Design

Our Stenciling Tools make it even easier:
• Adhere your stencils to any surface with Repositionable Adhesive Spray.
• Use with high density foam rollers to apply just the right amount of paint.
• Our Frog Tape Painter's tape is the best tape for masking your stencils.
• Our Stencil Brushes are essential for shading and adding touches of color.

Reusable material:
• Made of durable 10 mil coated mylar.
• Material is resistant to paint build-up if cleaned properly.
• Can be washed gently with mild soap and water very easily.
• Made in the USA

How To Stencil:
Please see our Allover Wall and Floor Instructions for how to use these stencils.

Visit our Video Tutorials for more detailed instructions, how-to videos and project ideas. Our video's show you how to use our stencils with paint and other mediums.