A How to Stencil Guide for Rainforest Mural

rainforest mural

by Leslie Ann Powers

The Rainforest Mural shown here was painted on a section of a wall that measured six feet high by eight feet wide. The sponge painted background and mural elements can be adjusted to fit any size wall both indoors or outdoors. I encourage you to be creative and adapt this rainforest scene to fit the room or wall you would like to paint. More or less of each stencil can be added and any variety of colors can be used to make your scene unique.

Fifteen stencil patterns were used to complete the mural shown. A 16th pattern, D-623 Parrot, was added to the collection after the mural was completed. This Parrot can be used anywhere on any branch, vine, leaf or resting on the bamboo. The background was done using latex paint, natural sea sponges and painters tape. The enclosed, step-by-step instructions will let you create an enchanting scene (just like ours) or get you started toward making your own rainforest scene. Good luck, have fun and happy stenciling.

Leslie Ann Powers.


1. Have your local paint store match the browns, green and pale blue colors shown in photo. Designer used light brown, medium brown, dark brown, white and pale blue. One quart each of flat latex paint is recommended.
2. Mural can be expanded or reduced to fit almost any size wall.
3. Stencils with larger cut-outs (Trees, Grasses, Palm, Philodendron 1 & 2) may be easier to paint with flat latex or acrylic paint using a foam roller or a natural sea sponge. However, we suggest using Spill Proof® paint for the more detailed, multi-colored patterns.