Basic and Shape Decor Stencils

This large assortment of classic Basic and Shape Stencils includes Dog StencilsCrown Stencils, Musical Instrument stencils, and Flame Stencils and much many moreThese stencils can be used as accents or as a wall size decorative features.

These basic stencils have many uses. These stencils are made out of 10 mil mylar and are very durable, all-purpose and are perfect for most surfaces. These shapes and silhouettes have many uses. They can be used as tile stencils. Great for decorating door mats, towels, and other house fabrics. These stencils made out of 10 mil mylar a durable, all purpose stencil, for most surfaces. City skyline stencils are excellent decorative additions to your living space. For all our stencils we have the ability to scale the stencil the your exact size. If you have a silhouette like this that you would like, please send it to us using our custom stencil request form.