Olde Witch House Café Sign Project by Oak Lane Studio

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Olde Witch House Café Sign Project by Oak Lane Studio

You'll cast a spell over your guests when you decorate your home with this "Olde Witch House" Sign Project from Oak Lane Studio.

Here's what you'll need:

 Affixing the Stencil

To start, take your blank sign and give it a couple of coats of a white primer/paint combination. Let dry overnight.

Next, spray the backside of your stencil with Repositionable Spray Adhesive. Allow to cure for thirty seconds or so. Then position the stencil on the sign, using a ruler to ensure that it is centered top to bottom and left to right.


Next, place Frog Tape painter's tape around the edge of the stencil. This adds extra adhesion and also protects the edges of the board from accidental painting. Also use the tape to mask off the upper and lower line elements and any other elements that are adjacent to the "OLDE WITCH HOUSE" and "bewitching brews served dusk til dawn" texts. 

Payne Grey and Black

Shake your bottle of Americana Payne Grey acrylic paint and pour out a small amount on a paper plate. Then, swirl the paint brush through the paint until the bristles are thoroughly soaked. Remove excess paint on the edge of the plate and then by swirling the brush on a stack of paper towels. The brush should be barely wet - too much paint will result in "bleeding" underneath the stencil.

Apply the paint in light coats utilizing the same swirling motion of the brush.

Pumpkin Spice

Now, remove the tape covering the upper and lower lines, the floral element circles, and left and right elements of the hat "belt". Mask around these elements for protection.

Switch to Pumpkin Spice paint and stencil the above mentioned elements using the same technique as earlier.


Next, mask off the elements surrounding the hat belt "buckle" and the "bubble" elements on the left and right sides of the stencil.

Stencil these elements with the Lavender paint.

Olive Green

Lastly, mask off the leaf elements and paint them with Olive Green.

Pull up the tape on one end and peel away the entire stencil. Your fun new Olde Witch House Café sign is ready to bewitch your guests!

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