Victorian Baroque Accent Wall Stencil

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Victorian Baroque Accent Stencil by SOLM Designs. Quickly and easily create Victorian historical ambience in your home with this Victorian Baroque Accent StencilThis detailed, elegant laser-cut stencil is a decorators delight for creating intricate patterns on walls and floors. The laser cutting produces crisp, clean smooth edges allowing this stencil to deliver professional-grade results. Whether you are using a high-density foam roller and latex paints or your choice of sponges, brushes and rags, this stencil design is guaranteed to please the eye when finished. We suggest you visit you your local paint store for color ideas using contrasting background/stencil colors or even trying a satin or semi-gloss urethane (over a previously painted/stained surface) for a very subtle effect.

Our new low-tack adhesive backed material is perfect for floor stenciling. This film works well on walls as well, however we recommend testing a small section of the wall to ensure the paint is well cured and the low-tack adhesive will not remove any paint. You can also stick the adhesive backed material to a piece of fabric or sheet of cardboard several times to remove some of the tack level before using on a painted wall.

  •  Actual Size: 9" x 9"
  • Stencil Sheet Size: 10" x 10"