Praise the Lord Wall Stencil

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Use this decorative quotation anywhere in your home to add a home decorating flair that will inspire. These extra long stencils make your stenciling job fast and easy. Apply paint in one of three ways: Super Speedy - roll the design on with one color, Speedy - Sponge the design using multiple colors, Standard - Stencil the design in multiple colors. Choose the method that fits your schedule and the look that appeals to you.

  • Actual Size:  3.5" high x 31" wide
  • Stencil Sheet Size: 6" x 36" 

Complete Kit Contains: 

1 - SSS0026 Praise the Lord Stencil
1 - THS0068 Stencil Brush
1 - MDA02011 Lemon Yellow Americana Acrylic Paint                                                1 - MDA02034 Lavender Americana Acrylic Paint                                                        1 - MDA02061 Sable Brown Americana Acrylic Paint