Palm Tree Wall Stencil

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Contains: 8 - 9" x 18" Stencil Sheets
Actual size: 
  • Trunk Pieces approximately 3" wide and can be repeated to any height 
  • Branches range from 7 1/2" to 8 1/4" wide and can go to 34" Long.

These branches can be repeated and made to any size. They can drape up, drape down and be added and subtracted to achieve desired thickness of branches. The height of this Palm Tree can be made to fit any room. The Palm Tree image shown was painted on canvas about 82" high. Each section comes with registration marks that allow the stenciler to easily repeat any section of the Tree. This is an excellent stencil that is fun, easy and versatile enough to use in any room or outdoors on any surface. Imagine the possibilities!