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Little Explorers Sea Collection Wall Painting Stencils
Little Explorers Sea Collection Wall Stencils

Little Explorers Sea Collection Wall Painting Stencils

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From fishes to whales and crabs to octopuses, our waters are highly diverse and contain the highest amount of life on the Earth. With the Little Explorers collection you can brighten up any space and create an happy and educational space for children! Our laser-cutting produces crisp, clean smooth edges. We suggest you visit your local paint store for color ideas using contrasting colors or even trying a semi-gloss urethane (over a previously painted/stained surface) for a subtle effect.

  • Stencil Sheet Size: 19.5" x 19.5"

Complete Kit Contains:

1 - SSO2271 Little Explorers Sea Collection Large Format stencil

1 - T7602 2" High-density Foam Roller w/ 8" handle

1 - TT10068 Double-ended Stencil Brush

1 - THW0012 - 5/8" Stencil Brush

1 - MDA02002 White Wash Acrylic Paint (2 oz.)

1 - MDA02199 Primary Red Acrylic Paint (2 oz.)

1 - MDA2200 Primary Blue Acrylic Paint (2 oz.)

1 - MDA02040 Williamsburg Blue Acrylic Paint (2 oz.)

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