Jukebox Hopscotch Stencil

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Our latest hopscotch stencil is a playful addition to any educational or home setting. Made with durable plastic LLDPE measuring 1/16 inch, this stencil can be easily unrolled, positioned, and marked using spray paint (check your local hardware store for options) or a paint brush with marking ink. With a generous 72" width, the stencil will stay in place even in windy conditions (although you may want to secure the edges with tape, rocks, or weights).

Need some paint for your new hopscotch stencil? Don't sweat it, just hit up your local paint or hardware store and ask for their top picks in spray, ink, or liquid form. This item ships safely in a sturdy tube, no worries there.

60" wide x 150" high
Cut on 72" wide x 158" high 60 mil plastic LLDPE (durable, reusable plastic) sheet.