Four Square Playground Stencil

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Four Square Playground Stencil

Our Four Square Playground Stencil is a must-have for any school, daycare, preschool, or home. The 8x8 stencil comes in 18 sheets of 60 mil Mylar which fit together perfectly to create a fun four-square game. The larger 16x16 stencil ships in 18 sheets of 60 mil Mylar, making it easy to assemble a full four-square court. Simply follow the diagram and use spray marking paint (permanent and temporary spray available at your local hardware store) to mark the pattern. For best results, secure the edges with painter's tape and weights to avoid any movement. Get ready for endless fun with our Four Square Playground Stencil!

For optimal results, consult with a paint or hardware specialist at your local store to determine the most suitable spray paint, ink, or liquid paint for the surface where the four-square stencil will be applied. Most paints and stains are compatible, but expert guidance can ensure the best outcome.

Four Square Stencil Size

Standard Four-Square play area measures 16' x 16' (8' x 8' for preschool) when painted out. Each square is 8' x 8' (or 4' x 4').

Four Square Stencil Material

Our Four Square Playground Stencil is constructed using LLDPE, a highly durable material that easily flattens and can be cleaned countless times without hassle. Its longevity and easy maintenance make it a top choice for playground markings.

How to Play Four Square

The classic game of four-square features a large square divided into four smaller squares, offering endless variations depending on the skills of the players involved.

As the name suggests, four players are required for this game, each occupying one of the squares. The objective is to dethrone the player in square 1, also known as the "King", who starts the game by serving the ball from the back corner of their square. With the option to serve into any of the other 3 squares, the player can choose to bounce or not bounce the ball before their opponent strikes it into another square.

This fast-paced game allows for multiple players to join in, as "misses" may occur when a player fails to hit the ball into their opponent's square, hits it out of bounds, or causes it to land on a line (except during a serve). In the event of a "miss", the responsible player must leave the game and step back to the challenge line, allowing a waiting player to move forward.

This kit ships with detailed instructions, and a layout guide with Four Square Court drawing specifications (also available as a PDF below).