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Faith Dream Hope Stencil

Faith Dream Hope Stencil

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Use this Faith Dream Hope Stencil anywhere in your home to add flair that will inspire. These extra long stencils make your stenciling job fast and easy. Apply paint in one of three ways: Super Speedy - roll the design on with one color, Speedy - Sponge the design using multiple colors, Standard - Stencil the design in multiple colors. Choose the method that fits your schedule and the look that appeals to you.

  • Actual Size: 3" high x 34" wide
  • Stencil Sheet Size: 6" x 36" 

Complete Kit Contains: 

1 - SSS0009 Faith Dream Hope Stencil
1 - THW0006 3/8" Stencil Brush
1 - MDA02251 Melon Americana Acrylic Paint