English Fleur de Lis Accent Stencil

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English Fleur de Lis Accent Stencil is a detailed laser-cut stencil and can be used to embellish walls in bathrooms, hallways, bedrooms, living rooms and more. It's smaller size can also be used on tiles, furniture, lampshades and fabric. 
Any paint can be used with these stencils.

  • Actual size: 4.29" wide x 5.94" high
  • Contains: 1 - 5 x 7 laser-cut stencil sheet

Complete Kit Contains: 

1 - SAS0012 English Fleur de Lis Accent Stencil 
1 - THS0068 double ended stencil brush
1  - MDA02071 Glorious Gold 
Americana Acrylic Paints                                              1 - MDA02013 Pumpkin Americana Acrylic Paint