Camo Wall Stencil

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You can use this large-format Camo stencil for creating patterns on trucks, boats, wood surfaces, duck blinds, deer blinds, walls, floors and fabrics. The paint can be applied through the stencil with camo spray paint (available at most hardware stores) or liquid paints using our high density foam rollers. Boats should be painted with specialty marine camo paints while walls can be painted with interior paints. The camo stencil design repeats in all directions allowing you to customize any size project. Quickly and easily create a camouflaged surface with our camo stencils

  • Stencil Sheet Size: 19.5" x 19.5"

If you are camo stenciling on an outdoor surface, you should not use acrylic paint.

You can also order the stencil in a 40" x 40" size - shown as Production Stencil 4 full repeats or 40" x 80" size - shows as Production Stencil 8 full repeats. Note: The image shown was painted twice with this stencil. The background was khaki to start. Then the first paint applied was leaf green. The stencil was then rotated clockwise one turn and painted with the driftwood color. This detail and color sequence can be varied in any combination and performed with any paint.

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