Bloom 3 Wall Stencil

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Bloom Collection 3 Stencil by Margaret Applin. This collection is bursting with style and simplicity that will fill your home with wonder! Spring erupts in lush gardens full of buds and blooms in a rainbow of colors and endless shades of green. Leafy vines grow rampant on brick facades and tall garden trellis. Bulbous flower heads with seemingly infinite layers of the softest petals spring from the earth to touch the sky and a stone path leads to a shady grove rich with moss and delicate shoots. My Bloom collection is a graphic representation of my favorite season through fun designs. Add an organic touch to soften industrial lines with an accent wall that reaches to the sky. Create your bathroom oasis with periwinkle wildflower walls or give Roman shades a fresh twist and a burst of color on your kitchen windows. Bloom is a fresh and fun collection of designs that look sweet in the softest pastels or feminine and sophisticated in black and white.

Stencil Sizes

Artwork Size: 17.5" wide x 14.9" high
Stencil Sheet Size: 19.5" wide x 19.5" high

Custom Size Stencils

If your project would be even easier with a Custom size, please contact us. We’ll do everything we can to help you with your project!

Professional Quality Stencils

• Laser cut for precise, crisp design details.
• Reusable & Durable.
• Made of 10 mil coated mylar which resists paint build-up.
• Easy to clean (see How to Clean Stencils).
• Made in the USA

    Stenciling Tools

    Make your project even easier with the proper Stenciling Tools:

    • Repositionable Adhesive Spray for adhering stencils to any surface.
    • High-density Foam Rollers for applying just the right amount of paint.
    • Frog Tape painter's tape for masking off the edges of stencil sheet.
    • Stencil Brushes for painting finer details and dabbing paint into corners.

      How To Stencil

      You do not have to be a professional artist to stencil! Simply follow our How To Stencil steps or How to Stencil Video Tutorials.