Block Style Uppercase Alphabet Stencils

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Our durable block style alphabet stencils offer a true value for anyone looking to spray paint letters on parking lots, pavement or anywhere traffic control is needed. All sets come with 26 pieces (letters A-Z)

These value sets are only sold on our 1/8" (125-mil) or 1/16" (60-mil) thick LLDPE plastic material. There is no tougher material on the market for pavement stenciling. These letter stencils lay flat, shed paint and can be reused for years. If you are a paving contractor or line striper and keep stencils for years, we suggest you order the 1/8" material.

Note: The larger the character, the more the need for thicker material.

The graphic above illustrates the size and stroke for the common 12-48" letter stencils The actual stencil sheet is always larger than the dimensions shown to prevent unwanted overspray.

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