Video Tutorial for Wash Dry Fold Repeat Stenciled Laundry Bag

Feeling stuck in an endless laundry cycle? Break up the monotony with a trendy, humorous accent stencil from Oak Lane Studio. Learn how to stencil fabric with machine washable Fabric Painting Medium in this easy DIY tutorial. This design looks great on walls, signs, or any laundry room decor. All you'll need for this project are the Wash Dry Fold Repeat Wall Stencil, Repositionable Spray Adhesive, Frog Tape Painter's Tape, Americana Acrylic Paint, Americana Fabric Painting Medium, White Bristle Stencil Brush, and a High Density Foam Roller. Use Repositionable Spray Adhesive on the front of a piece of cardboard. Allow to become tacky for 30-60 seconds before putting behind the fabric surface that you will be stenciling. Measure a 9" by 11" rectangular section on your laundry bag to mask off using Frog Tape Painter's Tape. Once painted this will serves as the background area for stenciling. Mix Buttermilk and Titanium White Americana Acrylic Paint with Americana Fabric Painting Medium. Load your roller with paint and roll the excess off onto paper towel before painting the masked off area of your background. Once the background is dry use Repositionable Spray Adhesive on the back of your stencil, allow to become for tacky for 30 seconds, then press to the center of the rectangle. Mix Williamsburg Blue Americana Acrylic Paint with Americana Fabric Painting Medium. Swirl the excess off of the 3/16" White Bristle Stencil Brush onto paper towel before swirling the color through your stencil in 3-4 light coats. Once the design is stenciled and dry use Frog Tape Painter's Tape to mask off the outer edges of the rectangle to paint the red border around the perimeter. Mask off a quarter inch gap around the painted background area. Mix Santa Red Acrylic Paint with Americana Fabric Painting Medium. Swirl excess paint onto paper towel then swirl 3-4 light coats through the border. When your border is fully painted remove the painter's tape. After removing the border mask your design is complete. Allow the fabric paint 24-48 hours to dry. Heat set the design for 30 seconds with an iron set to low. The red border really helps the design pop on your laundry bag. Be sure to wash inside out on the gentle cycle.