Pineapple Wall Stencil on Curtain DIY

Our Pineapple Wall Painting stencil is perfect any diy decor projects. This design is the perfect thing for any dull surface or fabric. In this video tutorial you will learn how we stencil a set of curtains. All you'll need are:

Pineapple Wall Stencil
Repositionable Spray Adhesive
High Density Foam Roller
Americana Acrylic Paint
Frog Tape Painters Tape

Start by spraying your surface with a coat of Repositionable Spray Adhesive. We used a large piece of cardboard. Also spray the back of your stencil. Allow the Repositionable Spray 30 seconds to become tacky. Press your stencil flat against the surface, then position your stencil in the upper corner of the curtain. Use Frog Tape painters tape beneath the registration marks in the corners of your stencil and then put tape on the edges of your stencil for added hold.

With your stencil in place, mix the Americana Payne's Grey acrylic paint with half as much Fabric Painting Medium. This doesn't need to be exact but it should be close. Once mixed, roller your high density foam roller in the paint until it is evenly coated. Roll the excess paint onto a paper towel until the foam roller is dry to the touch. Then begin stenciling the curtain. You may need to use the slightest pressure as you roll paint through your stencil, but do not press too hard or else you risk forcing paint beneath the edges of your stencil. Keep in mind that if the paint does bleed, if you are hanging the curtains in a ruffled manner nobody will notice!

Once you completely fill in your stencil, check to see that you remember to paint the registration marks onto the Frog Tape below. Gently lift up your stencil and line the top tow registration marks with the previously stenciled bottom two registration marks. As you move and paint your stencil, be sure to always put tape beneath the registration marks so that your stenciled design is level and even across the curtain. Continue doing your stencil repeats. Whenever you need to reload your roller with paint, always dry the excess off onto paper towel to prevent bleeding. After several repeats you will have a matching set of pineapple curtains!