A Room Makeover Guide for Rainforest Jungle Retreat Stencil

Transport yourself into the canopy of a tropical rainforest with a large stenciled mural. Work directly on the wall or paint the mural on a large piece of canvas and mount it on the wall. The canvas allows you to remove the mural when desired without painting over your work.


First, create a background, and then add a variety of stencils to create your scene. Sixteen different stencil patterns were used for this mural, including various trees, leaves and animals.

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Project Courtesy of: Country Sampler DECORATING IDEAS DECORATE WITH PAINT September 2004 Issue
PHOTOGRAPHY Brian Nightengale. PROJECT AND STYLING Christy Crafton, Debbie Egizio, Marge Jackson, Maureen Looney, Leslie Ann Powers for Stencil Ease. TEXT Lisa Sloan