A How to Stencil Guide for Rainforest Mural Page 4

by Leslie Ann Powers

Step 5B

Front row bottom: D-620 Grasses and D-625 Philodendron 2. These grasses and philodendron are darker greens and go in front of the trees. Measure across the mural as shown in picture. The last philodendron is in front of the right-side tree (see full mural picture). Paint all the grasses first and then go back and paint the philodendron. *NOTE: At the 7" mark, paint the grass first, then, when it dries, paint a philodendron on top of it.

Layer 6

All remaining stencil kits are painted on this layer. The greens are the most intensive here. Follow the finished Jungle mural picture for placements and ideas. You may add to or delete from any design kit at this point. As was done with the orchid kit below:

Making practice samples and taping them on the wall will make this part much easier. (This will avoid making mistakes on the walls.) The bamboo frame is the last kit to be stenciled. Have a wonderful time creating!