A How to Paint Guide Porthole Gate and Fence Stencil Page 7


All shadows are painted with gray paint. This is made by mixing black paint into white until the desired shade is reached remembering that the color of the paint when dry will be slightly darker. Mix this in a container with a lid and mix enough for the entire project. The gray paint will be applied using a stencil brush.

Arc Shadows

Fig. 14.
Use Print A2 from Stencil Sheet A. Align it along the top of the white arc starting on the left side. Secure in place and paint. Continue with the right side. When these are dry, add the center section blending into the overlap areas.

Picket Shadows - Stencil Method

Fig. 15
All shadows are to the right of the pickets and the shadows on the bottom half of each picket is painted first. Using Print D3, position the stencil, lining up the dots on the wall with the Triangle Register Marks. Secure the stencil and paint the shadow with gray. Clean the stencil every few shadows as when painting the pickets. Continue across the fence and gate until all the bottom picket shadows are painted. Clean and dry the stencil thoroughly. To paint the upper portions of the picket shadows, the stencil must be flipped end over end in the same manner as when the pickets were painted. Use mask A1 when painting the gate pickets and remember to clean the stencil periodically. Using your Triangle Register Marks, secure D3 in place, and paint the upper half of all the shadows. You will still have the uppermost portion of some of the gate shadows to finish. Secure the stencil in place and paint to extend the shadows all the way to the gate arc. You may now remove the arc mask and the railing masks.

Picket Shadows - Taping Method 

Cover the inner right edge of each picket (gate and fence) with “Easy Mask” tape from Line FB to the arc or railing. Align, the left edge of another length of “Easy Mask” tape with the left edges of the crosspieces from Line FB to the arc or railing. This will leave a 3/8” (.95cm) space along the right side of each picket. Stencil with gray using Print D3 for the angle at the bottom of each picket. Gray areas in illustration 15a signify tape.

Diagonal Cross Piece Shadows

Locate Print B3. Four of these cut outs are supplied to cut down on the cleaning frequency. Refer to Fig. 16. Print B3 is placed directly on top of each cross piece on the fence and gate. The stencil is secured in place and painted with gray. There is no need for registration marks.

Cross Beam Shadows

Locate Print B5 on the cutout section from Stencil Sheet B. Refer to Fig. 16. Place B5 directly over the five white sections of the cross beam. Secure in place and paint.