A How to Paint Guide Porthole Gate and Fence Stencil Page 4

Gate - Diagonal Cross Beam

Refer to Fig. 10. Find point D1. Measure down 2 ½" (6.35 cm) and mark point D2. Locate point D3. Using a yardstick, lightly draw a diagonal line (Line DB) connecting points D2 and D3. Do not draw over the pickets already painted. Pencil marks should only be in the background areas. Print B4 is aligned on Line DB and flush with the left side of the pickets as shown in the illustration. Line up and secure the stencil, then roll with white paint. Do this for the four center spaces. The two outer spaces are only partial pieces. Using "Easy Mask" tape, mask off the horizontal cross pieces in those spaces before rolling these last two cross beam sections. All of the white painting for the gate is now complete.

The Gate is now complete.