A How to Paint Guide Porthole Gate and Fence Stencil Page 3

Measuring Gate Arc

Refer to Fig. 6. When the post paint dries, you are ready to continue. On Line FT, find the vertical Center-line that was previously drawn. Using a level to maintain this center, go up 16" (40.64cm) from Line FT and mark with a light pencil dot. Put a push pin through point P1 on Stencil Sheet A and push the pin into the dot you just marked. On the inside of each post, mark a dot 10 ½" (26.67cm) up from line FT. Using the level, draw 2" (5.08cm) horizontal lines at these marks as shown. Put a sharp pencil point through point P2 on Stencil Sheet A. Keeping the stencil sheet flat against the wall, swing from the center out to each side, lightly drawing an arc shape as you go. Stop drawing when you reach the 2" (5.08cm)lines. The center of the arc will touch Line FT.

Stenciling Gate Arc

Refer to Fig. 7. If you have not already done so, you will need to remove the center section from A1 on Stencil Sheet A as described previously. Save the inner piece for later use. Using Print A1 and starting on the left side, line up the inner curve of the stencil with the underside of the arced line and secure in place. Using your narrow foam roller and white paint, roll this section. Re-position the stencil on the right side of the arc and roll that section. Allow the paint to set on these two sections before continuing. Lastly, line up the stencil on the center portion of the arc. Secure in place and roll with paint.

Measuring Gate Pickets

Refer to Fig. 8. Make a pencil mark along Line FB ¼" (.64cm) from the white inner edge of the left post. From this ¼" (.64cm) point, using a yardstick along Line FB, measure and mark at 5" (12.70cm) intervals. You will have a total of seven marks. The last mark will be 30" (76.20cm) from the first. If it is not, measure again and mark accurately. Using your level, lightly draw vertical lines through these marks. The lines will begin at Line FB, extend upwards, and stop at the bottom of the painted arc. Run a length of Easy Mask tape along the underside of Line FB.

Painting Gate Pickets

The gate pickets may be painted using the stencils or by taping off the area to be painted. We suggest that you read through the instructions for both methods to decides which one is right for you.