A How to Paint Guide for Bird Bath Painting

Getting Started

We suggest that you practice stenciling the birdbath out on a piece of paper before you do it on your wall. This will help you get a "feel" on how to stencil the design.


• Place the stencil sheet that is marked 1 of 5 on the wall where you would like to stencil the birdbath.
• After adhering the stencil to the wall with either the spray adhesive or tape, lightly mark the triangle registration marks on your wall. This will help for lining the rest of the stencil sheets on top of it.
• Using your white stencil paint, paint the cut out areas of the stencil. For best results while stenciling, stencil in a circular motion.
• After you have stenciled with the white, next you will want to use the pewter. Here you want to create shadows.
• You will want to stencil the bottom potions of each piece to create these shadows.
• Going from the bottom to the top start off dark and get lighter as you move upward. The top potion of each area should stay just about white.
• Next you will take stencil 1 off the wall and wipe off the excess paint with the paper towel.
• Then place stencil 2 of 5 on the wall by lining up the triangle registration marks that you did from stencil 1 of 5.
• Start off stenciling with the white stencil paint covering the whole paint out. Again you will be using the pewter for shadowing.
• On the edges start off dark and get lighter as you move towards the center. However, you do not want to shadow the entire area, you want to leave the middle area white to create depth in the stencil.
• Then using the black stencil paint crate a darker shadow at the base of the body.
• Going from the left to right just on the bottom curve. Here you do not have to do "a lot" of black, just enough to create a deep shadow. Now to give it more of an outdoorsy look, you can add the green stencil paint.
• Using the green stencil paint start at the bottom center of the body and stencil upward towards the far right hand side of the body, in a half arc. This will make it so the image doesn't look flat against the wall.
• Now take off stencil sheet 2 of 5 and wipe off excess paint.
• Line up stencil sheet 3 of 5 using the triangle registration marks. This is the top of the birdbath and is stenciled using the same techniques as the other two pieces.
• Add the green last to create that weathered look.
• After removing the stencil sheet and wiping off the excess, place stencil sheet 4 of 5 on the wall lining up the registration marks. The only difference in stenciling this piece, is using pewter to cover the very top portion to give it the depth it needs.
• When finished stenciling sheet 4 of 5 remove from the wall wipe off and line up stencil sheet 5 of 5 with the registration marks. 5 of 5 is the rim of the bath, this piece should be stenciled first in white, than very lightly with the Pewter. You want this piece to have high lights, so you don't want to put to much pewter on it. Mostly along the bottom to create shadow.

We have provided step-by-step paint outs of the design on the back of the package cover. Following those paint outs will help you visually to see how we stenciled the piece ourselves.