How to Stencil a Fall Sign | Welcome to Our Patch Sign Project | Oak Lane Studio

How to Stencil a Fall Sign | Welcome to Our Patch Sign Project | Oak Lane Studio

Sew some seeds of happiness when you display this Welcome To Our Patch Sign Project from Oak Lane Studio.

Here's what you'll need:

What you'll need

Prepping the Frame

Sand the frame to remove old paintUse electric sander for outsideUse sanding block for insideRemove as much paint as possibleFrog TapeMask around outer edgeDo all four sidesStuff inside with rags to protect from stainStir the stain

To start, take an electric sander and remove all of the paint on the outer edges of your recycled wooden tray. 

Next, use a sanding block (or sandpaper) to scour the inside of the tray. This will give the paint a good surface to adhere to. Use a brush to remove any residual sawdust from the tray.

Use Frog Tape painter's tape to mask off the inside edges that are adjacent to the outer bare wood. Fill in the inside of the tray with clean rags and stir your can of wood stain.

Staining and Painting

Stain the outer frameContinue until outside is coveredUse rag to wipe away excess stainContinue until stain is uniform and wood grain shows throughMask off inner portion of frameAll four sidesWhite primerPaint entire inside of frame

Following the instructions on the can, apply a coat of the stain to the bare wood portions of the tray. To avoid stain seeping under the tape, take care not to saturate your paint brush.

After letting the stain dry completely, mask off the stained edges of the wood and apply a couple coats of a white combination paint/primer. Allow to dry.

Masking the Stencil

Take your stencilGlad Press'n SealCover the stencilRemove any bubbles or wrinklesGyro-Cut craft and hobby cutting toolTrim around pumpkin elements (minus the stems)Remove plastic covering pumpkinsTrim around edge of stencilCarefully peel away excess plastic

To isolate some of the more intricate elements of the stencil, us Glad Press'n Seal.

Tear off a piece that is larger than the stencil, then place it on top, flattening it with your fingers to remove any bubbles of wrinkles.

On a hard surface, take the Gyro-Cut craft and hobby cutting tool and trim around the main body of the pumpkin designs. Turn the blade sideways and use it to lift a corner of the trimmed plastic - then peel it away.

Next, trim away the excess plastic around the outside of the stencil.

Affixing the Stencil

Repositionable Spray AdhesiveSpray underside of stencilTake your frame with dried paint and stainPosition your stencilPress for good adhesionPlace tape above and below for extra insurance

Now, spray the backside of the stencil with Repositionable Spray Adhesive. Position the stencil on the white tray back, ensuring that it is centered, and press it all around so that it sticks to the surface.

Add some Frog Tape to the outer edges of the stencil for extra adhesion and protection from accidental brush strokes.

Stenciling with Pumpkin Spice

Americana acrylic paint Pumpkin SpiceSoak the bristlesRemove excess paint from brushSwirl the paint through the stencilKeep goingContinue until color is rich and even

Shake your bottle of Americana Pumpkin Spice acrylic paint and pour out a small amount on a paper towel. Soak the bristles of the stencil brush, then remove excess paint, first using the edge of the plate, and then by swirling the brush on a stack of paper towels. The brush should be barely wet - too much paint will result in "bleeding" underneath the stencil.

Apply the paint in light coats using the same swirling motion as utilized earlier.

Burnt Umber

Trim Pess'n Seal around upper and lower textCarefully remove covering plasticUnmask lower text as well

When finished stenciling the orange portions of the pumpkins, use the Gyro cutter to trim around the "Welcome" and "TO OUR PATCH" text. Peel away the cut-out areas of plastic. 

Burnt UmberStencil the textProceed until color is even and full

Switch to Burnt Umber and stencil the words using the techniques explained previously.


Remove all the Press'n Seal re-cover all remaining elementsTrim around remaining elementsUn-mask remaining elements

Next, remove the remaining pieces of Glad Press'n Seal and place a new piece over the remaining un-stenciled designs. Cut out and remove the plastic over these elements. 

AvocadoPaper towelsStencilingSwirlingStems and vinesPeel stencil

Now, switch to Avocado and stencil the vine and stem portions of the design.

Once finished, lift the tape and peel away the stencil to reveal your fun new Welcome to Our Patch sign!

Welcome To Our Patch

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