Twelve Month Welcome Porch Sign | Oak Lane Studio

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Twelve Month Welcome Porch Sign | Oak Lane Studio

Love each month anew with Oak Lane Studio’s Twelve Month Welcome Porch Leaner project!

Do you want to celebrate each month of the year but don't have space to store twelve different porch signs? Well, Oak Lane Studio has the stylish solution for you!

Here's what you'll need:


IMPORTANT: Dimensions below reflect what was used for this tutorial. However, the kit does come in different sizes. Visit the product page for details.


Once you’ve chosen the wood for your welcome sign, cut it to the appropriate dimensions for your “Welcome” stencil (see above). 

sandingpainting the boardpainting the squares

Next, sand the board (if it’s repurposed or if it has paint on it already) and wipe away the saw dust. Paint the board using a quality white exterior paint. Do the same for both sides of your six squares.

Repositionable Spray Adhesive center Press

Once the base coat is dry, take some Repositionable Spray Adhesive and spray the back side of your “Welcome” stencil. Place the stencil onto the board, ensuring that it is centered, and press to make sure it is making good contact all around.


They see me rollin' they hatin' ribbit on the border Peel out here's your sign

Now you can grab your first color, Americana Acrylic Payne Grey, and shake the bottle prior to pouring out a small amount onto a washable or disposable container. Using a high density foam roller, apply the color in thin coats. Remove excess paint from the roller by rolling it onto a paper towel. This will prevent paint from bleeding underneath the stencil.

Once the letters are finished, place Frog Tape painter’s tape around the edge of the stencil to create a border for painting. This step may or may not be necessary depending on the size of your board. 

Apply the color using the roller as described above. Once the border is complete, pull the stencil (and tape) to reveal your new welcome sign!


Repositionable spray adhesive Stencil placement Stipple Orange you having fun  Flowery starry

For any particular month sign, you might wish to choose a different background color, but you will definitely want the base white coat to start out with. To stencil each month sign, once again utilize the Repositionable Spray Adhesive.

Paint each sign by stippling lightly with a stencil brush. Again, use a paper towel to remove excess paint and prevent bleeding underneath the stencil.



For additional protection once everything is painted, try adding a few coats of Americana Matte Finish Acrylic Sealer.

Mark it Nail it Hang it

Next, take a straight edge a place it from the top corner to the bottom corner for each square. Mark where the hole will be placed along this line but close to the top corner. Drill a small hole for each of the twelve signs.

Take one of the drilled signs and place into position over the “O” in the “Welcome” sign. Mark where the hole is, place the square aside, and hammer a small nail where the mark is. This is how each month will hang from the porch leaner.

Change of heart Painted egg All year long

That’s it. Place your new “Welcome” sign outside your door and make it new every month with your interchangeable decorative monthly squares!

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