Pumpkin Sweets Spooks & Treats Stenciled Bag Project from Oak Lane Studio

Pumpkin Sweets Spooks & Treats Stenciled Bag Project from Oak Lane Studio

Help them gather up some Halloween fun with this Pumpkin Sweets Spooks & Treats Stenciled Bag Project from Oak Lane Studio. 

Here's what you'll need:

What you'll need

Repositionable Spray Adhesive

Take your stencilTurn the stencil overRepositionable Spray AdhesiveSpray the undersidePosition the stencilPress for good adhesion

On a protected surface, spray the backside of your stencil with Repositionable Spray Adhesive.

Preparing to Stencil

Pumpkin Americana Acrylic PaintEqual amount of Fabric MediumStencil BrushMix thoroughlyWipe brush on edge of plateRemove excess paint on paper towels

After positioning the stencil on the bag, thoroughly shake your bottle of Pumpkin Americana Acrylic Paint prior to pouring out a small amount onto a paper plate.

Add an equal amount of Fabric Medium and stir until mixed completely.

After soaking the bristles, remove excess paint from the brush first using the edge of the plate and then by swirling the brush on a stack of paper towels.

Frog Tape and Masking

Frog TapeMask elements that are close to 1st and 3rd lines of textFinish masking

Next, use Frog Tape to cover the areas where the different colored text will be close together.

Stenciling the Orange Text

Stencil "Pumpkins"Stencil "spooks &" textAdd light coats until color is rich and even

Apply the color in light coats using the same swirling motion.

Continue adding coats until the color is rich and uniform.

Tape Removal and Re-masking

Remove the tapeCut small pieces if necessaryMask around lines 2 and 4

Now, carefully remove the tape.

Reapply some tape - this time covering the orange text that's close to the remaining letters.

Stenciling the Black Text

Americana BlackFabric MediumStencil remaining textContinue with bottom line of textProceed until finishedCarefully peel away the stencil

Pour out some Americana Black and once again mix it with the Fabric Medium.

Apply the black color to the remaining text as you did earlier.

Once completed, carefully peel away the stencil to reveal your festive new Trick or Treat bag!

Ready for treats!

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