Pine Forest Window Stickees from Oak Lane Studio

Pine Forest Window Stickees from Oak Lane Studio

Pine Forest Window Stickees from Oak Lane Studio

What can I hang in my window for Christmas?

For a quick and easy method of decorating your windows, Oak Lane Studio offers a wide selection of Window Stickees. These festive and unique shapes are a snap to attach and to remove from your windows and add a fun way to some cheer to the exterior of your home or business!

What are those window stickers called?

Our window shapes are called Window Stickees and are made of a durable and reusable 10 mil mylar which is precision laser cut right here in the USA!

Can you reuse Window Stickees?

Absolutely! Simply remove the tape or spray adhesive (using baby oil, then dish soap) and store flat for reuse anytime you wish.

What is a good size for a window decoration?

Our Window Stickees are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 5 ½ inches to 34 inches. Need something larger? Contact us about creating a custom stencil!

 How do you use Window Stickees?

Our Window Stickees can easily be applied using double-sided tape or with our Repositionable Spray Adhesive.

Here's what you'll need for this project:

Cleaning Your Windows

Window cleanerWipe until cleanMake sure there are no streaks
First, make sure your windows are clean.

Repositionable Spray Adhesive

Lay out stickees on cardboard or other protected surfaceUse a box that's open on both ends Place over one or two stickees at a timeRepositionable spray adhesive
Work in a well ventilated areaWhere protection over your mouth and noseSpray each stickee liberallyMove the box as neededContinue until one side of all stickees is sprayed
Next, lay out your stickees on a protected surface in a well-ventilated area. 
To protect the surrounding areas from overspray, take a large cardboard box and fold all of the flaps inward, both top and bottom.
Place the box so that it completely surrounds one or two stickees. Use Repositionable Spray Adhesive liberally on the side of the stickees that's facing up, following all instructions and precautions listed on the can.

Placing the Stickees 

Position each stickee on the windowPress all around for good adhesionAvoid placing stickees on wet or cold window
Position each Stickee on the window where desired, pressing each all around to make good contact. Do not apply if the window is wet or while the temperature of the glass is extremely cold.
'Tis the season!

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