Oak Lane Studio | Gyro-Cut Craft and Hobby Cutting Tool

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Oak Lane Studio | Gyro-Cut Craft and Hobby Cutting Tool

The amazing GYRO-CUT craft and hobby tool easily cuts through paper, card stock, adhesive-backed vinyl and 4 mil plastic sheets. Perfect for all types of paper craft and stencil making projects including decoupage, card making, scrap booking, and pattern making. This ergonomically designed hand-tool has a 360 degree rotating head which enables anyone to cut complex shapes easily and quickly. Unlike scalpel style knives the GYRO-CUT blade will not easily cut the skin in normal use.

1. Spray self-healing hobby cutting mat with repositionable spray adhesive. 

2. Apply stencil or paper to self-healing hobby cutting mat.

3. Cut your shapes easily with the Gyro-Cut! 

4. You can cut waves.

5. It also easily cuts circles.

6. It's amazing at cutting spirals.

7. The Gyro-Cut swivels as you cut.

8. Easily cut stencil material.

9. It's perfect for creating collages. 

10. The Gyro-Cut is great for cutting intricate shapes.

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