Oak Lane Studio Folksy Bloom Table Project

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Oak Lane Studio Folksy Bloom Table Project

Folksy Bloom Table Project

Turn old into beautiful with Oak Lane Studio's Folksy Bloom Table Project! The Folksy Bloom Border Stencil is a bold floral Folk-Art pattern that will add a whimsical flair to any room. You can use this to embellish pillows, furniture, walls, floors, cabinets and even mirrors.

Table from upcycled pallet

The table used in this tutorial was upcycled from a wooden pallet. You will also need the following:

Folksy Bloom Border Wall Stencil

High Density Foam Rollers

Americana Acrylic Paints

                Celery Green

                Khaki Tan

                Cranberry Wine

                Georgia Clay

                Payne Grey        

                Burnt Orange

                Primary Yellow

Stencil Brush Double-Ended

Frog Tape painter’s tape

Stencil Ease Repositionable Spray Adhesive

Electric Sander (with sanding disk)

Flat white primer/paint

Paper Towels

Paper Plates

Sanding the table

Start by sanding down the entire table. This will provide a suitable surface for the paint to stick to.

Remove dust from sander

Next remove any risidual dust from the table.

Paint the table white

Next, give the table a white basecoat using a primer/paint combination.

Placing the stencil

Once your base coat is dry, you are ready to place your folksy bloom stencil. Frog Tape works great to hold the stencil in place.

First color

Shake each paint thoroughly before pouring out a small amount on a paper plate.

Swirl the brush

 Swirl the brush in the paint to soak the bristles.

Remove excess paint

Remove excess paint from the brush using a stack of clean paper towels.

Cranberry wine

 Apply the first color by lightly stippling the paint onto the table surface.

Spray adhesive

For additional help holding the stencil flat against the table surface, use Stencil Ease's Repositionable Spray Adhesive.

primary yellow
Repeat the above process for all other colors.

Celery Green

Burnt orange

Georgia Clay

Khaki Tan

Payne Grey

Remove the stencil

Finally, remove the  stencil by taking one end and  pulling straight up. 

Completed design

Your beautifully stenciled table is now complete! Visit www.oaklandstudio.com for more information.