Monogram Moscow Mule Mug Project from Oak Lane Studio

Monogram Moscow Mule Mug Project from Oak Lane Studio

You've worked your a** off all week - now kick back with this Stenciled Monogram Moscow Mule Mug Project from Oak Lane Studio.

Here's what you'll need:

What you'll need


Preparing the Stencil


Moscow mule mugOlde English Alphabet StencilScissorsCut out your letterCut halfway between lettersThe chosen one

First take some scissors and cut out your letter from your alphabet stencils in your chosen font.

Repositionable Spray Adhesive

...on a protected surfaceTurn stencil overPlace flatRepositionable spray adhesiveSpray about three coatsWait about 30 seconds

On a protected surface, turn over your stencil and spray the underside with Repositionable Spray Adhesive.

Frog Tape

Frog TapeTake the first mugPosition stencilTake curvature of mug into considerationUse Frog Tape to hold in placeTape all areas flat against mug

Next, take some pieces of Frog Tape and position your stencil where you want it on your mug.

Add the pieces of tape around the edges to help secure the stencil of the mug.

Form-fitting the Stencil

Carefully cut select areas of stencil to help fit around curvesDon't lose shape of letterBe careful not to scratch the mug's finishBe careful that the tape does not cover the designCut small strips if necessary...... to connect thin sections of stencil

Using the scissors, carefully cut the narrowest stencil breaks to help stencil lay flat against the curved surface of the mug.

Take care not to scratch the mug's finish with the scissors.


Engraving toolTrace the outline of the designFill in with parallel linesStart from one edge and pull towards the middle of the space and little bit farther.Overlap lines from other edgeContinue for all of design

Now, take the Engraving Tool with the narrow tip installed and carefully trace the edge of the design using one small motion at a time.

After the outline is complete, and keeping all lines parallel and in the same direction, start filling in the space in between the design edges.

Start from one edge and pull towards the middle of the space and little bit farther.

Then, switch to the opposite edge and do the same, overlapping the lines slightly in the middle.

Removing the Stencil

Carefully peel tapeAnd then the stencilUse warm soapy water to remove residual adhesive

Once finished carefully peel away the tape and the stencil.

To remove residual adhesive, simply wash the mug with warm water and dish soap.

Repeat the process additional mugs and now you have a wonderful gift for the favorite people in your life!

Repeat for all other mugs

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