Monarch Stars Floor Tile Stencil

Monarch Stars Floor Tile Stencil

Breathe new life into that old tile floor with Oak Lane Studio’s Monarch Stars Floor Stencil!

Here's what you'll need:


      What you'll needSpray cleanerWipe your troubles away

      First, you'll want to sand your tiles with an electric sander loaded with a medium grit sandpaper disc. This will do two things. It will clean any deep scratches or marks and it will also etch the tile surface giving the paint something to adhere to.

      Next, clean your tiles thoroughly with a heavy duty cleaning solution and allow to dry completely. This step is as important as any other.

      For the remainder of this project, it's a good idea to wear clean socks or shoe covers to avoid tracking dirt onto your nice, clean tile floor.

      Applying the Base Coat

      Roll it upPaint it up...and up

      Once you've chosen the base color that you'll want underneath your stencil pattern, apply a quality primer and paint to the tiles and grout. This can best be accomplished with a high density roller. Allow to dry at least 24 hours, longer in a high-humidity environment.


      Repositionable spray adhesiveSpray itStick it

      As with any floor project, start on one side of the room and work your way across to the other. 

      Once the base coat is completely dry, take your stencil and spray some Repositionable Adhesive onto one side. Allow the spray to dry for about a minute and then position the stencil over the first tile. Press it down onto the surface using light pressure. 

      Americana acrylic paintRoll with itRemove excess

      Next, take your bottle of Americana Acrylic Paint and shake thoroughly prior to pouring a small amount onto a paint tray or waterproof paper plate. 

      Soak the roller thoroughly with paint, then remove excess by rolling it onto a stack of clean paper towels. Having too much paint on the roller will result in "bleeding" underneath the stencil. The rule in stenciling is "less is more".

      Paint itChange directionThe big reveal

      Roll the paint lightly through the stencil, making sure to change the direction of the roller frequently. Multiple light coats may be necessary to avoid stencil bleeding.

      When you're finished with the first tile, simply remove the stencil by grasping one side and peeling upwards towards the other. Check to make sure that no paint leaked onto the underside of the stencil, then move it to the next tile.


      When stenciling a tile that is in a corner or up against the wall, mask off the wall adjacent to the tile with Frog Tape painter's tape. Then, either fold the edge of the stencil of use a pair of scissors. We recommend waiting to paint these tiles until after all of the other tiles are complete as this could permanently modify the stencil and could cause it to lose some of it's masking properties. 

      Repeat the above steps for the remaining tiles, ensuring consistent coverage and shading throughout.

      Another oneGood stuffThe last

      Once all the tiles are completed, brush on a couple coats of a gloss acrylic sealer to protect your floor from wear and tear.

      Your new Monarch Stars tile floor will add beauty to your home for years to come!

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      All done!