How to Stencil a Welcome Mat | Hello Pumpkin Stenciled Door Mat Project

How to Stencil a Welcome Mat | Hello Pumpkin Stenciled Door Mat Project

Say "Welcome" to Fall with this Hello Pumpkin Stenciled Door Mat Project from Oak Lane Studio.

Here's what you'll need:

What you'll need
Turn your stencil overRepositionable Spray AdhesiveSpray the underside of the stencil

First, spray the underside of your stencil with Repositionable Spray Adhesive.

Place stencil on matUse a ruler to center the designUse Frog Tape for extra securityAll four edgesUse tape to mask around the pumpkin bodyFinishing masking

After a few seconds, position the stencil in the center of your mat and secure in place using some Frog Tape.

Next, use small pieces of Frog Tape to mask the stem element of the pumpkin design.

Also, mask the "h" element along the side of the pumpkin.

Pumpkin Spice Americana acrylic paintA small amountFabric MediumStencil brushMix the two thoroughlyRemove excess paint from brush

Shake your bottle of Pumpkin Spice Americana Acrylic Paint prior to pouring out a small amount on a paper plate.

Next, add an equal amount of Americana Fabric Medium and mix completely.

Remove excess paint from the brush by dragging the brush on the side of the plate.

Stipple the mixture through the stencilNext remove the masking tapeMask any elements close to the "hello" text

Stipple the paint through the stencil using moderate pressure to ensure that the paint is travelling deep into the rug.

Reloading the paint as needed, continue until the rug is evenly and completely colored.

Now, move the tape to cover the portion of the pumpkin element that's adjacent to the letter "h".

Burnt OrangeStencil the upper textComplete the upper text

Mix some Burnt Orange paint with the Fabric Medium for the next step.

Stencil the word "hello" as you did earlier with the pumpkin body.

ButtermilkStipple the textFinish the text

Repeat the same process using Buttermilk for the "PUMPKIN" text.

Mask around the pumpkin stemKelly GreenRemove the stencil when finished

After masking the surrounding area, use Kelly Green to stencil the stem elements of the pumpkin design.

If necessary, touch up any areas that need more paint.

Allow the paint to dry completely before using.


Once finished, peel away the stencil and tape to reveal your festive new welcome mat!

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