Happy Easter Bunny Ears Porch Sign Project from Oak Lane Studio

Happy Easter Bunny Ears Porch Sign Project from Oak Lane Studio

Your guests will be hopping with joy when they're welcomed by this Happy Easter Bunny Ears Porch Sign Project from Oak Lane Studio.

This is a great project either for recycling an old porch sign or creating one from scratch. Our stencil is available in multiple sizes to fit the board of your choosing. Or, if you need an odd size, we can make a custom size just for you!

Here's what you'll need:

Base Coat and Creating a "Weathered" Look

First, give your board a couple of coats of a white primer/paint combination.

Allow the paint to dry completely.

If you wish your sign to have a "weathered" look, take an electric sander and go over random sections of the boards edge until the undercoat shows through (the board used in this tutorial was originally painted dark gray).

Using a clean brush, be sure to remove any paint dust that remains before moving on to the next step.

Stencil Placement

Next, place the stencil face down on a protected surface. If using the board itself, cover first with something thick such as a painter's tarp.

Spray the underside of the stencil with Repositionable Spray Adhesive and allow to cure for 30-60 seconds. This will leave the adhesive tacky but not wet.

Position the stencil on the board where the design will go and press into place using your hands.


Add a few pieces of Frog Tape painter's tape around the edge to help hold the stencil in place.

Rip off small pieces of the Frog Tape and use them to mask off the outline of the bunny ears. Only the inside of the ears should remain uncovered.


Thoroughly shake your bottle of Melon Americana Acrylic Paint prior to pouring out a small amount onto a paper plate.

After soaking the bristles, remove excess paint using the edge of the plate and then by swirling the brush on a stack of paper towels. The bristles should be barely wet - too much paint will result in bleeding underneath the stencil.

Apply the color in light coats using the same swirling motion as you employed on the paper towels.

Once finished, remove the tape allow the paint to dry to the touch.

Next, mask off the inner portion of the ears.

Pour out some black paint on a new paper plate and collect some on a new stencil brush.

Begin painting all of the remaining elements (outer ears, eyes, letters, and polka dots) as you did earlier with the melon color.

Be sure to add the paint using multiple light coats.

Once complete, simply remove the tape and peel away the stencil to reveal your fun new porch sign. Your house will be the cutest on the block this Easter!

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