How to Stencil Easter Signs | Easter Four Piece Stenciled Sign Project | Oak Lane Studio

How to Stencil Easter Signs | Easter Four Piece Stenciled Sign Project | Oak Lane Studio

Spring into the holiday with this Four Piece Easter Stenciled Sign Project from Oak Lane Studio!

This fun project is the perfect way to add some style to your home this Easter. Old signs can refurbished with just a little bit of work or, if starting from scratch, unpainted signs can be purchased online.

What are the types of stencils?

At Oak Lane Studio, we make stencils for a variety of purposes, from interior design to home décor to personalizing unique gifts!

What to use for stenciling?

We have everything you need to for your stenciling project, including an incredible selection of stencils for all occasions and tastes, brushes, rollers, paints, adhesives, etc.

What paint to use for stenciling?

The type of paint you need depends on the application. We offer acrylic paints for indoor projects and patio paints for outdoor use. For fabrics, just mix a little Fabric Medium (available on our website) with the acrylic paint. Acrylic paint can also be for glass and whiteboards by mixing it with household dish soap.

Do you pull stencil off wet or dry?

It’s best to remove your stencil while the paint is wet. This will prevent dry, peeling paint from ruining the crisp, clean lines created by utilizing proper stenciling techniques.

How do you keep paint from bleeding under stencils?

It’s easy to prevent paint from bleeding underneath your stencil. Simply ensure that your brush or roller is barely wet with paint. This is achieved, after soaking the foam or bristles, by repeatedly swirling or rolling it onto a stack of paper towels prior to applying the paint through the stencil. Layer the color using numerous light coats.

Here's what you'll need:

What you need
Square wooden frameFrog TapeMaskingTrimming the tapeFlattening the cornersMasking complete
First, use Frog Tape painter's tape to mask off your wooden frame from the background.

Trim excess tape using a utility or hobby knife. Next, use a putty knife to help press the tape tightly into the corners. Cover the entire background to protect it from the wood stain.
Opening the stainStirring the stainApplying the stainFinishing the applicationWiping the stainMore wiping
Carefully follow all the instructions listed on the can, especially those regarding safety.

Apply the stain liberally while wearing protective gloves in a well-ventilated area. Take care that the brush is not too wet when applying stain close to the masked areas. This will help prevent the stain from seeping underneath the tape.

After applying the stain, use a clean rag to wipe away the excess oil.

Repeat the masking and staining procedure for all four frames.
Masking for background paintTight in the cornersFinished the maskingPainting the whiteFinishing the backgroundRemoving the tape
Once the stain is dry to the touch, mask off the background using the Frog Tape.

Give the background a couple of coats of Americana Titanium White acrylic paint.
Marking the centerBottom centerMasking off center lineBuilding lines on either sideRe-masking the edgesFinishing the masking
Once all four frames are dry, lightly mark the center top and bottom using a ruler and pencil.

Cut pieces of tape the length of the background and use them to mask off a thin line centered along the marks you just made.

Continue creating lines on either side that are the same width as the original until you reach the left and right edge.

Add tape to the top and bottom to make all of the lines equal in length and to protect the frame itself.
Mint julepKelly greenMixing colorsRemoving excess paint from brushSeveral light coatsRemoving the tape
Shake your bottle of Mint Julep Green prior to pouring out a small amount on a paper plate. Add a drop of Kelly Green and mix thoroughly to help make the color pop.

After soaking the bristles thoroughly, remove excess paint by swirling the brush on a stack of paper towels. Too much paint on the brush will result in paint bleeding underneath the tape now (and later the stencils).

Apply the color using numerous light coats.

Once finished remove the tape and allow the green to dry.
MelonMelon linesBeautiful stripes
Repeat the masking process, this time creating lines centered between the the mint green lines. In other words, the new masked lines should alternate with the mint colored lines.

Paint these new masked lines using Americana Melon.
First stencilGlad Press'n SealApplying the Press'n SealGyro-cut toolCut around desired elementsTrimmingPeeling away around elementsMore trimmingTweezers for small pieces
To isolate portions of the design, tear off a piece of Glad Press'n Seal and cover the stencil. Use the Gyro-Cut craft and hobby cutting tool to expertly cut around the desired stencil elements. Next, peel away the trimmed portion of the plastic film, leaving covered only the portion of the design which will not be painted.

Repeat for all of the stencil elements that will be painted Melon.
Repositionable Spray AdhesiveMelon elementsPlace aside
Now, spray the backside of the stencil with Repositionable Spray Adhesive and allow to cure for 30-60 seconds.

Position the stencil and paint as you did earlier when you did the stripes.

When finished, remove the stencil by pulling it straight up.
Masking with tapeGreen mixture from earlierStenciling the green
For simple masking needs, such as the arrow on the "BUNNY TRAIL" stencil, the Frog Tape will do just fine.

Stencil the arrow with the same green mixture as used earlier.
More Press'n SealNext stencilMelon and green complete
For the next color, remove the old Press'n Seal and reapply using a new piece. Trim and remove the plastic covering the elements of the eggs that will be painted green.
Egg stencilTrim to fitPositioning the stencilHold with tapeStencil with whitePeel away
For this particular project, it is necessary to cut the stencil separating the egg background from the overlay design in order to make it fit within the frame. After doing so, use small pieces of tape to help secure the stencil in place.

Cover the space where the eggs will go using the Titanium White paint in order to keep the stripes from showing through the final color.
Note: If you're stealthy, you could use this outline stencil and make a thin trace of it using a pencil before painting the stripes. Then, apply frog tape on the inside of this traced line and simply do not paint inside these lines when adding the stripes, leaving the background shape of the eggs completely white. This was not an option for me, due to the fact that I did not have the stencil in my possession when it came time to paint my stripes. This trick might save you time, as you would not have to wait for an extra coat of white to dry, but might not save you any effort in the long run.
Trim bunny stencil to fitPaint with whiteBunny white complete
Next, separate and trim the bunny stencil elements. Again, stencil the background white.
Reapply stencil for eggsPaint with green mixtureEgg green complete
Once the white is dry, fill in the egg backgrounds with the mint green paint, using the same stencil.
Slate grayWhiteMixing to make light grayStenciling with grayFinishing stencilingRemove stencil
Next, mix some white paint with a little Slate Grey to create the color for the main shape of the the bunny.
Payne greyStenciling Bunny TrailBunny Trail complete
Use Payne Grey to stencil the "BUNNY TRAIL" text, this time covering the arrow element with tape.
Masking with tape"The" "is on"Text complete
Next up is the remaining text on the Easter egg hunt stencil.
Egg dotsNextMaskingGyro Cut holes in tapeMelon egg elementsEggs complete
Using the frog tape or the Press'n Seal, mask off and stencil the dark grey dots on the three egg sign. 

Do the same for the remaining melon egg elements. Use the Gyro Cutter to cut out small circles of tape to cover the center of the flower designs.
MaskingTapeMore maskingwhiskers, mouth, and eyesPayne greyBunny finished
Last up are the whiskers, mouth, and eyes. Mask these and stencil them also using Payne Grey.

Your family and friends won't need to hunt for these whimsical Easter decorations!
Easter Four Piece Stenciled Sign

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